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Polished Stones

Schedule Your Free 45-Minute "From Settling to Surpassing" Discovery Call

Helping Christian women move from settling to surpassing in relationships, career, ministry and life by seizing their God-given identity, purpose and vision.

Discover Your Treasure
Experience Transformation
Live Fulfilled

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Will my coaching program benefit YOU?

Consider these questions:

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  • Do you struggle with knowing and/or understanding who you are?

  • Is the person looking back at you in the mirror really you, or the conglomeration of false identities imposed on you by others or your own inner thoughts?

  • Are you tired of trying to "fit in" spaces/relationships/roles you know are not right for you?

  • Do you experience feelings and thoughts of failure or worthlessness?

  • Do you constantly ask yourself, “WHY AM I HERE?”

  • Is your measurement of success based on what others are doing or have done?

  • Do you wake up in the morning dreading what the day has in store?

  • Have you achieved some level of success, but still feel unfulfilled, discontented, or dissatisfied?

  • Are you “settling” because it is difficult to envision yourself being, doing, or having something different?

  • Do you feel as if there is “more” to your life than what you are see but are unable to pinpoint what it is?

  • Do you have ideas, dreams or visions that have been difficult to implement?

  • Have you reached a roadblock you cannot get past?

Any of the scenarios above can negatively impact decisions you make regarding career, relationships, finances, and other areas of life.  So . . .

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then YOU are the person I am passionate about helping discover, transform and live fulfilled!

Schedule Your Free 45-Minute "From Settling to Surpassing" Discovery Call


In our sessions, I will provide questions, assessments, challenges and resources which will uncover the treasure lying beneath whatever life has thrown at you, obliterate obstacles, and help you develop a clear vision and plan for fulfilling it!  

As your coach, I will help you:


  • Understand your value by uncovering your treasure, including your unique God-given identity (gifts, talents, passion and personality) and purpose.

  • Transform your thinking in a way that enables you to move forward, i.e.:

    • From "fitting in" to "clicking in."

    • From people-pleasing to fulfilling purpose.

    • From stagnancy to productivity.

    • From fear to faith.

  • Overcome obstacles.

  • Get a vision and strategize for your future.

  • Focus on what success looks like for YOU.

  • Apply what you have discovered about yourself in resolving real life issues.

  • Wake up in the morning looking forward to what the day has in store.

  • Experience the fulfillment God planned for you.

Two types of sessions are offered:  One-on-One Coaching and

Group Coaching.  To learn more, click HERE:

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Schedule Your Free 45-Minute "From Settling to Surpassing" Discovery Call



No, we are not cats.  We do not enjoy the benefit of the proverbial "nine lives." 

You get ONE life, and

Your BEST LIFE flows out of being who God created you to be and fulfilling the purpose for which the “real” you has been designed.  Your life matters!

Your past does not dictate your future! CHANGE is possible, and it is NOT TOO LATE!

If you are tired of settling:

DISCOVER your treasure.

EXPERIENCE transformation.

LIVE a fulfilled life.

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Check out our client testimonials to discover how Treasure Quest Coaching LLC has helped to transform their lives. They found help when they sought it, and you can do the same. Schedule your Discovery Call today!

Brittney K.
(One-on-One Coaching)

Lydia gave me a wealth of insight and also a very positive and unique approach to helping me organize my thoughts. I became more motivated to invest my energy into my dream! I am now much more confident, and was quickly able to recognize some of the things that I needed improvement on. I am really excited with what I have learned, and have been using my new techniques every day - with some pretty amazing results!

J. R. L.

(Group Coaching)

Lynn W.
(One-on-One Coaching)

Lynn is a retired public school teacher and woman of God who has been in the ministry for decades. 
She signed up for 12 weeks of coaching and is sharing this testimony after week six.

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