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While what you read here is a brief introduction to who I am, in reality, these are just words on a page.  However, conversing in a real, live conversation will allow you to experience the essence of who I am and whether we fit as partners on your journey to be all you are destined to be and do.  If the information you are reading on this site speaks to the desire in your heart for change, I look forward to getting to know you as well on your free Discovery Call!

My Story

“I am passionate about speaking the truth in love because truth is what makes people free. I long to see people be free to be and do what God intended.”

Lydia Clarke was born to a black Baptist mother and white European Jewish father.  Because of her mixed-race heritage bullying and rejection were common occurrences throughout her childhood and young adulthood. The false identity that arose from this experience led her to believe she had no true purpose in life.

Like many others, she began seeking fulfillment in ways that could never provide it, and acceptance through people who would never fully give it. Nothing and no one made her feel whole. It was not until she surrendered her broken life to Christ, that she finally found “real” life.

Now, Lydia passionately dedicates herself to helping others discover who they are, their worth, and how and where they click. This allows them to walk in their purpose and find true fulfillment in various areas of their lives.

Lydia is a licensed minister, ICF-Certified Life Coach, and author.  She has served as a leader and facilitator of various small groups for women and youth. In addition she developed and led and "Ideas, Dreams and Visions Incubator" for over a year through which participants followed through on long held, but put off, ideas, dreams and visions.  The results were phenomenal!  She's also helped bring transformation to the participants in conferences and workshops sponsored by her non-profit.

Lydia's God-given gifts have been used also to lead corporate trainings in diversity, ethics, sexual harassment, and health and wellness. She is a graduate of the Labor of Love School of Ministry with certificates in Lay Ministry and Lay Leadership, and later served there as a faculty member. Lydia is also a public speaker and has spoken at conferences and has appeared on various radio and television programs.

When she is not serving her community, Lydia loves on her five children, two daughters-in-love and son-in-love, spoils her nine grandchildren, and joyfully lives life with her spouse of 39 years.



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