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Feeling Useless, Abandoned, or Condemned?

For as long as I can remember, abandoned/condemned buildings have broken my heart. Passing by them, I imagine the joy and somewhat nervous excitement the owner(s) must have felt watching their vision/dream come to life one brick, nail, or piece of wood at a time. Visions of the hustle and bustle of filling the structures with furniture, supplies, and of course, personnel fill my mind.

Then questions pop up one after the other. How much did it cost the owners to build—costs like quality time with family and friends; sleep; self-care; and, of course, money? What were the circumstances that caused this dream to end up like this? What happened to the owners? Were they devastated? How do they feel when they pass by and see their creation abandoned and in disrepair. I sadly ponder how that empty and/or broken building and what took place inside represented a vision in someone’s heart and mind.

Then watching new buildings going up in the same areas sadden me as well. Why couldn’t those owners buy and renovate the abandoned structures for their businesses. Why erect something brand new? I guess in those instances, I feel like if they just renovated, someone else’s vision would not be a total waste.

The thing about these feelings and questions is that they do not rise up in me only in regard to buildings. They manifest with people too. God envisioned us before we were born. He intricately designed and formed us according to His plan and fills this outward structure, our bodies, with what is needed to fulfill it.

But again, my heart is broken when I see people walking around feeling empty, abandoned, condemned, broken down, purposeless, visionless, or filled with squatters. I was one of those people. But I learned the Lord does not abandon us, condemn us, or misuse us. He has a purpose for us. He wants to give us a vision. He is not throwing us away. Because of His love, Jesus' blood bought us, and His power transforms us when we whole-heartedly submit to Him.

I am passionate about helping Christian women discover who they are in Christ, what they have in Christ, their God-given purpose, and then live it out. Coaching is just one of the ways I fulfill this passion.

If you are ready to allow God to transform you so you can move forward into the full life He desires for you, schedule your free “From Settling to Surpassing Discovery Call” on my website at

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