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Success and Your Fingerprint

Have you seen in movies, or even in real life, door locks for which the only key is a fingerprint? Fingerprints are all one-of-a-kind, so they are highly accurate in determining a person’s identity. The fingerprint key ensures access to a space and its contents by only the person to which they belong.

With that in mind, consider this: God has prepared wonderful things for you related to your success in this life. Success does not look the same for everyone because we are unique. Our fingerprints are proof of this fact. Therefore, you cannot access what God has prepared for YOU by trying to be someone other than who He made you or by trying to duplicate someone else’s life. It is easier to access what God has for you when you are really you.

You definitely can learn from others. You can be inspired by others. But always keep in mind you are not them. The lessons and inspiration you receive are applied through the filter of who God made you.

For instance, you can admire a couple’s marriage. You can learn lessons about marriage from them. However, your husband is not the same man as that husband. Your wife is not the same woman as that wife. Personalities, gifts, love languages, experiences are all different. And it’s okay. You can experience more peace in marriage when you understand and work with how and for what purpose God designed you and your spouse and put you together.

You are not a failure as a parent, spouse, employee, boss, student, etc. You just need more understanding about your fingerprint and where it clicks.

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